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Full Bio

Erin Stereo is a DJ, curator and record collector from Denver, Colorado.


Growing up as a student of dance, she became obsessed with uncovering rare and unusual music to use in her performances. As a result, she quickly became an avid digger and mixtape maker with an ever growing collection of singles. According to Erin, the first time she ever saw a DJ was at the Skate City skating rink and she was instantly transfixed. She desperately wanted that job and used to beg the poor guy to play her CDs. And he did.


As she got older, that passion only compounded when she started attending raves and warehouse parties. There, she experienced dance as a liberating form of expression, saw turntables being used as instruments and continued to develop a taste for the sounds of the underground.


Eventually, these experiences fueled the desire to share her music collection through the art of live mixing which led her to KGNU – an independent, non-commercial radio station – and simultaneously, into the world of Turntablism. Within these two communities she finally uncovered her life’s purpose – to find and combine outstanding music.

Erin has performed at a number of major festivals including Bonnaroo in 2022 and has provided support for titans of the industry including Sam Divine, AC Slater, Claptone, Claude von Stroke, Walker & Royce and countless others. She regularly releases mixtapes, curates playlists, hosts a LIVE monthly radio show and has been producing original music since 2018.


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