Full Bio

Hello! Erin Stereo here - I’m a DJ, curator and record collector from Denver, Colorado.


Growing up as a student of dance, I became obsessed with uncovering rare and unusual music to use in my performances. As a result, I quickly became an avid digger and mixtape maker with an ever growing collection of singles. The first time I ever saw a DJ was at the Skate City skating rink and I was instantly transfixed. I desperately wanted that job and used to beg the poor guy to play my CDs. And he did.


As I got older, that passion only compounded when I started attending raves and warehouse parties. There, I experienced dance as a liberating form of expression, saw turntables being used as instruments and continued to develop a taste for the sounds of the underground.


Eventually, these experiences fueled the desire to share my music collection through the art of live mixing. This led me to KGNU – an independent, non-commercial radio station – and simultaneously, into the world of Turntablism. Within these two communities I finally uncovered my life’s purpose – to find and combine outstanding music.

In 2019 I was named Best House DJ by The Denver Westword and I've provided support for the likes of  Claptone, AC Slater, Nora En Pure & Mux Mool. I have a trio of House music mixtapes entitled Playing House and have been producing original music since 2018.