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Support for AC Slater
Larimer Lounge 2021
Black Box 2021
Larimer Lounge 2021
Bar Standard 4th Saturday
Support for Claptone
Larimer Lounge
The Church
Bluebird Theater
Artopia at The Church
Bar Standard
Ophelia's Electric Soapbox
All Vinyl Set
Whip It 80's Dance Party
The Triangle Basement
The Church in Denver
Hi Dive 45's Against 45
Ft Greene (Pic by Adel Montes)
Vinyl Jeopardy
Syntax Physic Opera (Now Roxy)
A Simple Bar LA
The Squire Lounge
Larimer Lounge
Vinyl Jeopardy at Syntax 2
Vinyl Jeopardy at Syntax
Far Out Factory
Support NoCanDo at Camp Kalamath
Eclipse Live with DJ Deep Rawk
Erin Stereo & DJ A-L
Denver Union Station NYE
Pic by Adel Montes at Ft Greene
Girl PowHER Fashion Show
Bar K in Colorado Springs
Erin Stereo & Nora En Pure - Private Eve
Pary Pic
Grandoozy Festival Denver 2018
45's Against 45 Hi Dive
Denver Pride Fest
Garden Party
Instagram Fan
9th Door
All Vinyl Street Show for KGNU square
Silent Disco Arena
Denver Pride Fest
Chatting with Roxy Lee
Next Door
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